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Time Stamp and Date Range Filter Problems

Question asked by dailya on Oct 1, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2018 by dailya

I know survey time stamps submitted data 8 hours ahead of Pacific Coast time zone (my location) due to the WGS coordinate system it uses. Since the time stamp is a hidden attribute, and the creation date field is turned off by default when viewing data in Survey123 website, this can create big problems when extracting data using a date range filter if this variance is not accurately accounted for.


Recently I discovered a new problem when using the "in between" date filter. Survey does not consistently filter data correctly, leaving out features that fall within my date range. For example, my date filter is set to return all created features between 9/14 and 9/26. I get features from 9/14, but nothing from 9/26. At first I thought features were getting dated on the following day since they are time stamped 8 hours into the future, but that was not the case. The same filter set to 9/14 and 9/27 now returns those missing records, still dated 9/26. 




We regularly extract survey data based on very specific date ranges. I am concerned that between the time stamp difference and inconsistent filtering, we maybe missing large amounts of collected data. What is causing this and is there a solution to fix this issue?