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Error in cell statistics while using Shadow slope Algorithm

Question asked by gusberjoen on Oct 2, 2018


I'm a student and pretty new to ArcMap and GIS overall so this is my first post here.

I'm mapping an area for potential landslides and using the tool Shadow Slope Algorithm (F. Lindberg et al (2011))

to see potential soil failures. I have done som work with this algorithm before and it worked fine. This time it wont work and i get a failure while executing cell statistics and i cant quiet track what I'm doing wrong. Hopefully someone here have some knowledge about this tool or can just point me in the right direction. The error messange says: Failed to Execute (model11222)

I'm adding two pictures, one of my inputs (watershed-dem is a DEM). The other picture is the error messange. 


Thanks in advance and please tell me ifI need to provide more info!