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"Unable to create map: Unable to load" application from template

Question asked by psf_salishsea on Oct 2, 2018
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I've recently created a web app using the 'time aware' template in ArcGIS Online. The App works fine when I view it on a number of devices as well as in a number of browsers (Opera, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Safari) and it works well on one of my co-workers computers. However, another co-worker is receiving the error:

"Unable to create map: Unable to load status: 0"

I've ensured that all feature layers within the map, the map and the application are shared publicly.  The app I've created is at the following link: 


Previous time aware apps thats I've shared did not cause any errors. Any ideas as to what the root of the error this time might be?


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