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Campus Locator - Customize PopUps - Labeling Features not working

Question asked by jjrsae on Oct 1, 2018

First off the application is working great for the most part we even have it secured with AD group access only.  


Question #1: So I'm in the config.js file and when I'm trying to customize the label field it will not take.  I do not want all capitals and I want to customize what the user sees.  I've modified my employee table and as such I have other fields I want to show but they never use the 'label' field in the popup. 

NONE OF THE 'label' FIELDS SHOW UP, no matter what I call them.  I've tried Alias as well as Name.  Need help where to look to resolve this as well.  Seems to only use the fieldName for the label and not the label field.

{fieldName: 'LOCATION', label: 'Location'},
{fieldName: 'PHONE', label: 'Phone'},
{fieldName: 'MOBILE', label: 'Mobile'},
{fieldName: 'FAX', label: 'Fax'},
{fieldName: "TITLE", label:"Title"},
{fieldName: "SUPERVISOR", label:"Supervisor"},
{fieldName: "WORKSITE", label:"Worksite"},
{fieldName: "DEPARTMENT", label:"Department"},



Question #2.  I do not want to utilize ArcGIS Online and as such I can't get my labels to work from my Map Service even with the useWebmap: False set.  Not sure what else I require here to get my own labels working from my Map Service but perhaps some direction would be greatly appreciated.  If I turn on useWebmap to True and I've got an AGOL map running it will show labels but I need a far more customized label as well as not wanting to rely on AGOL for my labeling.  


Thank you.