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ArcGIS integration with Pufferfish displays

Question asked by juha.haanperaesri-fi-esridist Employee on Oct 2, 2018

Hi there,


Company called Pufferfish Displays have delivered to my dear customer a fantastic Earth-like display that we want to integrate real-time data and content from the ArcGIS platform. My customer is using ArcGIS Online and the newest versio of ArcGIS Enterprise.


Do you have any other experience on how to bring content to the Puffersphere ball from the ArcGIS environment? Or do you know by chance Teams or people who have worked on the subject?


Here's a couple of videos about it:








Here's the Pufferfish founder's presentation of the ArcGIS platform on the ball screen.



Here, at 2.5 minutes, the founder of Pufferfish tells about the use cases of Puffersphere Earth.


Thanks a lot for help in advance.