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The goal is to join point data to lines.

Question asked by BFosberg on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2020 by Dan_Patterson

The goal is to join point data to lines. I have 305 points and 1023 lines.

The points are Crime Incidents, the lines are street lengths. The goal is to determine which street segments are the reported locations of the most crimes.

Running the problem in ArcGIS 10.6 the results is exactly right. The join count total matches the number of points with which I began. This was a Right Click Join, points to line, closest to it.

Running in Arc Pro :The Join is one to one, keep all Target features, Match option Closest, no search distance. The Merge rule Default. Environment: Left blank or adding in extent and projection make for no changes in output. Result every street length has Join Count value of 1, this is off by almost 90% .  There were only 305 points to place on any street and infact most streets, roughly 900 have no points on them at all.  As a count of which lengths have any point it  off by about 900.

Intersect Count Tool with a 5 foot search radius yields a Join Count sum total of 3719 or a roughly an 11:1  over-count.Search radius smaller or larger makes no difference.

Isolating one street length, the Select by location visual and Select by location tool: produces 3 crimes The Join Count for that street was 28.  Zoomed in there are not a total of 28 point near this length.

What is the key to a useful Spatial Join in Arc Pro?

Can I find out which points Pro is counting to produce a count of 28.