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Geoprocessing Web Service not writing out all files for .shp

Question asked by ebrown123 on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by NZGeoCAD

I created a python script, run by a toolbox. I am using python shapefile to generate a point shape file. If I run the tool locally (i.e. on the desktop) works great. Shp, shx and dbf all write out as expected and the points are valid.

Once I share the geoprocessing script as a service, and then run the tool via an ArcGIS server connection on a remote PC, the only file that writes out is the .shp file. And ofcourse without the .shx and .dbf the .shp file can't be used.

Any ideas on why once the geoprocessing script runs server side, all the files aren't generating?


any other ideas on how to simply write out a point shape file using python?