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Why doesn't my legend/pdf show for one specific web map in Map Gallery template?

Question asked by corpuschristimpo on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by ESoekianto-esristaff

I loaded the Map Gallery template with three web maps my ArcGIS Online account.  These are the devices that I have tried the application on through AppStudio Player: Windows 7 desktop (workstation that is developing the app), Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Prevail, iPad Pro, iPhone 8, and ZTE Z981.


Two of the web maps appear and work exactly as expected, but one web map only shows the legend on certain devices and not others.  The legend does not appear on Windows 7 desktop, Galaxy S9+, or the Galaxy Prevail devices that I have tried it on. 


These same devices, for the same web map, also does not load the PDF in the AppStudio Player as it does in the working devices.  It just shows a blank screen.  The refresh button does nothing.  The button that opens the pdf in an external application does work however and opens the pdf fine in say chrome/firefox/etc...


The only customization that I have performed on the template is swapping out the startbackground image that is on the start screen.  And even this isn't messing with the code so much as just changing the jpg that is being used. Everything else is default template code.


I have included a zip with three jpgs showing what I am referring to.


Thanks for the help!