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Question on creating Report

Question asked by progis99 on Sep 28, 2018

I have been working on georeferenced old historical aerial photos and I had to keep tracking each flight line photo index and has shapefile and it is a point.. whenever I am done with each flight line I add a field column that says completed and put it down Yes.   It means it is completed.


So when I run to select by  attribute to collect all the completed with YES .  I then hit the create reports to prepare myself of a list that is already completed.


Now,  when I created this report and printed it.. I realized that there is no numbers to list for each row.

like this 











Can I add a field inside  the Report Designer to show these numbers ?  i tried to do this myself but i had no luck .


Here is a copy of my Report.


it has rlf file extension.


I'd like to hear your suggest or feedback.