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how can i complete a dashed line shapefile feature that was created with ArcScan?

Question asked by haunted32167 on Sep 27, 2018

Using ArcScan to vectorize a raster floodplain boundary map, I have selected the area, run ArcScan in the area, to output a Shapefile of the line. ArcScan worked to create the line, and it is a dashed line, so it created a dashed line. However, I need to connect the line. I have used the editor, continue line and connected them at the end points, but I was wondering if there is any way I can automate the joining of the dashed line.


I have tried:


Advanced Editing, Extend Tool, but it only works if the lines are perpendicular to one another.


Editor, Buffer, did not work


I am thinking if I could save the ShapeFile, then re-rasterize it, use ArcScan again on the cleaner dashed line, and then turn on the ArcScan/Vectorization Settings, Gap Closure Tolerance and then it would close the gaps.


I would appreciate any ideas. My apologies if this is difficult to understand. I will post images below.


the dashed black line i am trying to vectorize into a not dashed line