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Trim Function in Survey123

Question asked by buehlerd on Sep 27, 2018
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Is it possible to use the trim function or some other method to remove unwanted spaces due to a concatenate in Survey123?  The idea is if an field can be parsed it should be parsed from the start.  Address example 100 S Vine Ave.  100 would be in one field, S in another, and so on.  However, to run that address against a single field geocoder or even used in a form letter for a mailing (like Dear resident at 100 S Vine Ave), I need it in a single field.  When concatenated and lets say the directionality is not part of the street name (100 Vine Ave), you would get extra space so 100--Vine-Ave instead of 100-Vine-Ave


trim((${houseno_txt})+ " " + (${stdirectionnospace_txt}) + " " + (${street_txt}) + " " + (${streettype_txt})) doesn't work, and =trim((${houseno_txt})+ " " + (${stdirectionnospace_txt}) + " " + (${street_txt}) + " " + (${streettype_txt})) gives an error from a formula stand point.


Any suggestions?