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Question asked by s.burraopenware-com-kw-esridist Employee on Sep 27, 2018
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Dear All,


I would like to ask one question which can help me understand more on Portal HA.


We followed link for 10.5.1 to configure Portal HA Configure a highly available portal—Portal for ArcGIS (Windows) Installation Guide (10.5) |

ArcGIS Enterprise One is shown as Primary and the other is Standby. Incase the primary portal goes down, it takes about 3 minutes for the standby to become active and till then portal is not accessible. Why it says Active/Standby and not Active/Active? Is it because of software license restriction or is this how it is done?


When we checked ESRI documentation, it says Portal supports Active/Active.


Can you please more details on this.


Looking forward on this.