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Bug? Auto populate fields in a related table, I need to turn it off

Question asked by mtorres_training on Oct 1, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by mtorres_training

I have a self-hosted feature service. I have an AGOL web application based on a web map. When users open the web app using Widows Explorer internet browser, a glitch appears.


The glitch does not appear in the Collector mobile app.

I have a Water Sample Station feature class with a related table titled Water Quality Results. When users add their first record to the related table, the web app behaves as expected. When users click the "add" button to add another record, the new record contains values from the previous record, almost as if it has been auto populated with the previous record's values.


When users edit/change the auto populated values, the changes do not always stick and the field often reverts to its previous (auto populated) value.


How do I turn this auto populate function off or at least choose which fields I wish to be auto populated? Thank you in advance!