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Batch update GPS section of geotagged photos

Question asked by dhuber_ClarkNexsenGIS on Sep 27, 2018

I ran photo-to-point on 355 .jpg photos taken on a GPS enabled camera.  In ArcGIS, I snapped the points to their corresponding GPS points. I want to update the .jpg "Details" tab with the corrected locational data.  

I already tried extracting the photos from the database using a photo-to-folder script - which did indeed extract the database photos back out to a folder as geotagged .jpgs, but the table created by the photo-to-point tool still reads the old GPS data from the original photos...the GPS data in the resulting .jpg files are the same as the originals. 

Any advice on getting my field teams to use the GPS locking feature on a GPS camera???.....grrrrrrr