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Link feature point to running script?

Question asked by on Sep 26, 2018

I have a script that scrapes information on a website that changes over time (a schedule for when bridges are open or closed) and prints out only the information relevant to a particular place on the map (that is, for a specific bridge).


I would like to be able to have users automatically run the script by clicking on that point, the way users can automatically call up the attribute popup for a point that has attribute data.  In other words, when users click on the location of the bridge, it will run the script, get the information for whether the bridge is open or closed, and then print that as output, to the popup if possible.


At present I have the whole website linked via the popup window, which works but is cumbersome because there is also lots of information on that website about other bridges managed by the managers of the area's bridges, and my script searches through that to find only the relevant info for that specific bridge.  I would much rather have users click the point to run this script to show the information for just the one bridge.


Is there an ArcPy way of doing this on ArcGIS Pro 2.2?