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Importing a photogrammetry project to ArcMap fails

Question asked by mixu2x on Sep 27, 2018



When a photogrammetric project is imported to ArcMap an error message appears: "You need at least one active valid image to proceed."

What does this mean?

The two images which are used in the project exist, the file path is correct, the images are oriented and the users have full permissions to them.


We are using ArcMap 10.6 and Win 10.

The computer has several users and this error appears for all of them except for the user who has installed the software.

We tried to give admistrator rights to the other users too, but it didn't help.

We tested also with different projects but the result is always the same.


We also have ArcMap 10.6 installed on a Win 7 computer and there everything works fine.


You need at least one active valid image to proceed