COMBINE Rasters different projection and resolution

Discussion created by calpoly2008 on Feb 14, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2011 by calpoly2008
I am combining 3 raster datasets with the following information ...

Raster 1: Continuous Signed Integer, 16 Bit, Cell Size (463.3127, 463.3127), Linear Unit = Meter (1.0), User_Defined_Sinusoidal, 1 Band
Raster 2: Continuous Unsigned Integer, 8 Bit, Cell Size (0.0083, 0.0083), GCS_WGS_1984, 1 Band
Raster 3: Continuous Signed Integer, 16 Bit, Cell Size (0.00833333, 0.0083333), GCS_WGS_1984, 1 Band

I tried changing the projection of RASTER 1, but then it completely messed things up (I'm guessing because the cell size is so big - how do I change the cell size then?) Also, how can I change the 'bits'.

I'm getting very frustrated with us .... Any insight anyone may have would be great!

Thank you!