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Combine/Join/Relate tables with unlike data

Question asked by PChristensenGIS on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by PChristensenGIS

I am combining two tables containing parcel data, one table is my Poly data with Parcel ID, the other table is my CAMA data. The issue I am running into, is the CAMA table contains additional items that my Parcel ID does not contain. 


For instance, I have Parcel ID 123-00 in my GIS data. I also have 123-00 in my CAMA data, however, in addition to the parent parcel 123-00, I have 123-01 and 123-02 in my CAMA data that identify a mobile home(s) on that parcel and these Parcel IDs are not in GIS. I need to tie the mobile home into the parent parcel in GIS.


The typical join tool does not appear to work in this instance.  What do yall think I could do? No fields other than Parcel ID match.


As you can see in the attachments, the CAMA data contains additional Parcel IDs, and I need those to be joined/related to the Parent, not their own individual attribute.


Thank you