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How to prevent direct access to an web appbuilder application deployed from a web server

Question asked by sushilpradhan on Sep 25, 2018
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Hi Everyone,


I have developed an web appbuilder application (Developer Edition) and deployed from IIS (https://myDomainName/webapp/) which is working perfectly fine. I have created a landing web page (https://myDomainName/frontPage.php) using PHP/HTML through which I want to give access to my users to this application. For that purpose, I have also created a login system using php and mysql. So, basically the work flow is:

1. Users register/login using a login page

2. After the login is successful, the landing page (https://myDomainName/frontPage.php) will appear. If the users enters the url (https://myDomainName/frontPage.php) directly without login, they will be redirected to the login page (step 1) as I wanted.

3. In the landing page (https://myDomainName/frontPage.php), a link is provided to the web appbuilder application (https://myDomainName/webapp/) to access it.


Now my problem is - if users enter the app url (https://myDomainName/webapp/) directly without going through the log in process, they can still access the web app, which I don't want. I want the web app be accessed only through the login system and the landing page. I am trying to keep my head around and still unable to figure out what do i need to do here.


I appreciate for your suggestions and guidance. Thank you very much!