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How Data registration with ArcGIS Server can help to publish 1 SD file to multiple environments?

Question asked by amrutabildikar5 on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by rohansn77

Hi All,


I am working with ArcGIS Server 10.5.1 and our server environment structure looks like this:


Arcgis server  A



DB Server- A DB




Say A, B C Arcgis server might represent to Dev, Preprod and Prod ArcGIS Servers and they are having their respective enterprise Databases registered properly.


I am going through below mentioned help document to publish services across all the environments:


Which says "

Create connection-neutral SD files (choose the No available connection option in the Save a Service Definition wizard) so they are flexible enough to be published on any server. When you publish an SD file, ArcGIS Server automatically corrects the paths written in the SD so that your server paths are used. Careful data registration allows you to deploy the same SD file in multiple environments.


My understanding: 'If I create 'Connection neutral - connection less service definition file' then I can use same file to publish service on different ArcGIS servers such as Dev, preprod and prod' and as the data(datasource from MXD) is already registered with ArcGIS server, while publishing, dynamically it will get replaced and use that registered data that means, when you publish service on dev, dev DB will get used(which is already registered), Preprod DB will get used when I will publish that Service definition on on and so forth!


How should I register my data with ArcGIS Server so that, I can use 1 Service definition(SD) file to publish on all A,B,C Arcgis servers so that, Data source(DB) will get resolved to A,B,C DB respectively as per given in above link.


I have also referred following link to understand but not really clear. I think our scenario would be 'E'


Any suggestions to dynamically resolve data sources while publishing?



Thank you!#