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10.3 vs. 10.5 projection issues.

Question asked by on Sep 24, 2018

I have been looking into the issue of why we are getting a projection shift when viewing images that were exported from GEE using different projections. The two projections we used are EPSG:5070 (NAD83 Conus Albers) and EPSG:26910 (NAD83 UTM 10N).


In ArcMap 10.3, both exports displayed correctly.


And ArcMap 10.5, EPSG:26910 displayed correctly but EPSG:5070 did not, it shifted to the west.


My guess is that there is an issue with ArcMap 10.5 where for some reason the metadata is not being read correctly and the projection parameters for some projections end up being incorrect. Is there any information about this issue?


I have attached the images for reference.


Thank you!