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If my submitter options are fine, why cant the public access and submit to my survey?

Question asked by on Sep 25, 2018
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Can anyone find Fish Finder Log survey in Survey123 phone app who is a public user? If so can you download it and submit a test entry?


So far, ESRI techs dont understand my problem. Basically, I just want my survey to work with public volunteers. They would be willing to download the app and get a free public  ESRI username and password if necessary.


The only person who was able to successfully upload an entry was a test organization member. I am the survey creator and admin so can not test my own app as a volunteer public user.


Im a student and cant pay $100 bucks for every volunteer to be a organization member to submit data to my Survey123 app.


When my sister tried to upload it to her phone from her iphone App store, it prompted a username and password, she added her public username info and then it denied her access as a public user.


ESRI tech support said to email this link to a public tester and that it should prompt the download of the App and my survey, giving them access to submitting and entry to my app on their phone. I dont know if this works and so they more or less left it up to me to figure out how to get the public to be able to access and submit to the Survey123 survey. They directed me to use this forum to try and resolve my problem hopefully from your experiences. I would love to see this app work! Did anyone get through this hurdle?


These are my settings and my sister's access denial. Thank you for any insight you can share! I really do not want to give up on this Survey123 App platform it could really revolutionize citizen science research.