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Adding Revit BIM into ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by dearperumal2 on Sep 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by DAlvarez-esristaff

I need to import Revit BIM data into ArcGISPro. I have seen many videos and tutorials that says it is possible and what can be done after importing.  I have good knowldege in Revit but I am new to GIS. I have managed to achieve this using FME tools. But I would like to know How to add revit Data into ArcGIS without using FME tools. I have tried this


1. Created a new project in ArcGIS Pro using template Global_Scene.aptx

2. I used "Add Data" in Layer, Under Map tab in ribbon panel to select revit project file (.rvt)


I got only some 2D plans arcs and lines on the earth surface that also too big. I did not get any 3D objects.

I have adjusted the Geo location and Survey point in revit before using in ArcGIS.


I have searched entire internet but did not find detailed steps to add Revit file into ArcGIS Pro.

Kindly requesting detailed basic steps to follow. something like where to click, what to choose etc.,


Thanks in advance.


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