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ArcPro Templates uploading dynamic data from shared drives

Question asked by ea.geomatics.admin on Sep 24, 2018
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I am looking into whether creating and sharing (to our organisational AGOL account) ArcPro templates would be a good method standardizing our processing and map templates in our organisation.


I have created a map that includes a number of dynamic 'live' datasets such as feature classes that live on network drives. These feature classes are regularly updated.


When sharing the template it uploads these feature classes and which are then downloaded to the users 'commondata' folder when a user creates a project from the shared template living in AGOL.


These feature classes on the networked drives change on a regular basis and we would not want them to be uploaded to AGOL with the rest of the template. Is there anyway that you can say not to 'share' certain data otherwise I don't believe templates will be the way forward for us?


Many Thanks