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Parcel Drafter XY location and meters/feet issue

Question asked by MidnightYell2003 Champion on Sep 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2020 by HeatherW

I recently started using Parcel Drafter in the standard WAB and came across some weird issues from my initial setup. 


1) The XY location does not seem to work (or I do not know how to work it). Whenever I put anything in, it sends me to 'null island'. Whenever I use the testing application that Esri hosts, it still does not take me where I want it to go. I assumed that X was Longitude and Y is Latitude. Is it Northing and Easting instead? Is there documentation on setting the XY location?


2) I put in a simple land unit and it worked as expected with five simple calls. However, it converted my inputted ftUS into what seems to be meters, but still labels it as feet. I am not sure where this conversion is happening and/or how to stop it. This does not happen in the testing application. Here is a screenshot:


You can see where it is labeled as 38.2 ft. on the left hand side. But the written call on the right hand side says 125.34 feet (and that's in "ftUS"). Where and why is this conversion happening?


3) Bonus question, when I put in a bearing like "s89-23-08e" it auto-converts to 90.61, which makes sense. Is there a way to keep my original input of the dms with directions?


4) Additional and harder bonus question: Is there a way to input in a ton of calls (of metes and bounds) at once with a CSV or spreadsheet to draw a massive parcel (or to draw many parcels)?


Thanks for your help!


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