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Remove Portal accounts from Organization group

Question asked by aarondorsey on Sep 21, 2018

I have Portal setup to authenticate via AD and allow users to login, which creates a portal user thus giving them access to Organization content per the docs.  Which is fine.  I also have project-specific accounts that I only want to be able to see specific groups and not all Organization content.


The only way I have been able to limit accounts to specific groups is to remove maps/apps from the org group and then add users to the project specific groups.


I only see a couple of possibilities:

Remove a user from the Organization group; I don't see an option for that

Change the default group for the automatically created AD users; don't see an option for that


I would love to be able to simply add all of our AD users to specific groups, but Workgroup Standard only allows for five L1 and five L2.  (Which is absurd and a blatant money grab; additional accounts are $100 each. Of course you get unlimited at the next level which they said is justified because the additional number of users will require additional resources, etc, and I would need that anyway.  Which is wrong, I know the load on my server.  They do not.  There will never be more than a handful of simultaneous users, they just need the ability to access and maybe print a map every now and again.  /RantOff)


Any suggestions?  Thanks.