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ArcGIS Pro Project does not save UNC path

Question asked by housewren on Sep 23, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by housewren

I am using Arc Pro 2.2.1 and trying to create a custom project template that has my database connections all set up for my personal use on one computer (i.e., not for use on multiple computers or shared with others), and a map that uses some data from those databases. The databases are on a networked drive. I do not want the data copied into the project template, I need to be able to access the original database data for editing.  Consequently, after trial and error and Professor Google, I learned I need to use the full UNC path in setting up the database connection.  Apparently, I don't know how to do that, because when I fill in the form, "Select Existing Geodatabase" as follows:

and then create a template, being sure to check the box "save template to file", and not checking "Share outside of organization", it still packages up the database to the project folder, because when I open the newly created project template, go to properties and look at the source for the Fiber_edit.gdb, it points to the project folder C:\...\ArcGIS\Projects\fibertest\fibertest.gdb, instead of my network drive.  If I have a map with data from the database, it points to the project fibertest.gdb instead of the network .gdb.  (The system works fine for my enterprise SQL database, but not for file geodatabases.)


What am I doing wrong?