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How to trickle down domain updates from AGOL Hosted FeatureService to hosted view?

Question asked by AaronCraig on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 26, 2020 by awells


I've added a new domain code to a FeatureService field's existing domain.


The Feature Service has several views created from it. None of the views are able to receive the new domain value and it is not present in the drop down.


I added the additional domain value using the data -> fields -> domain interface on the services details. It is present in the source FeatureService. I've tried updating the FeatureService using rest/admin/services update definition, and tried saving both source and view layers under the visualization tab, however to no avail. The view's definition is not updatable in the rest/admin/services.


Any help/work arounds so I don't have to re-create these views would be greatly appreciated.