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multi task script help needed

Question asked by jfritz on Sep 21, 2018
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I'm looking for someone to help write a Python script that will do the following.  (It will be important that the name of the features created in each step use the same name thru-out all the processing steps). I'm guessing using a Cursor will accomplish that.

Here's an example name:      T_0518__BVO_DJN_TP_34_5_1


1.  Buffer all the individual line features in a geodatabase by 1,250 ft (overall width of 2,500 ft.), rounded at end.

The line features are in:  



Place the resultant buffered features in following geodatabase: 



2. Clip the following raster:


By each of the buffered features created in Step 1Please use "Use Input Features for Clipping Geometry"


Put the resultant clipped raster features in the following geodatabase:



3.  Run Raster to Point on each of the raster features created in Step 2.

Place the resultant point features in the following geodatabase:




4.  For each of resultant point files from Step 3 the following needs to be done:

    - create "z_feet", "x_coord", and "y_coord" attribute fields

    - use the Field Calculator to populate the "z_feet" attribute from the "grid_code" attribute by multiplying by 3.2808  to get feet.

    - for the "x_coord" and "y_coord" attributes, use Calculate Geometry with the following parameters, UTM Zone 15N, NAD83, US Survey feet.


5.  LAST STEP, export the tables created in Step 4 to .csv format


Write files to the following folder:



Many thanks in advance for help with this!!



Jim F.