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Basically we need somebody to write a GIS script for us ??? for free.

Question asked by MartinHvidberg on Feb 14, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2011 by csny490
We are a project, between some European Universities, and we lack a small helper script.

Some of us could do the script, but don't have the time (budget), others are not programmers. Therefore we are looking for somebody who will do us a favor, for the fun of it.

The Problem.
We need to do analysis on many points, the analysis include buffering. Since the points are often much closer than buffer distance, the buffers hugely overlap. As they cut each other the number of small fragmented pieces explode.

Partly Solution.
If we can process the points in groups we could solve the issue. Each group, which is a sub-set of the original point swarm, have no points closer to each other than 2 buffer radi. This ensure no overlapping buffers, while processing this sub-set. Problem eliminated!

Your Part.
Write a script that reads a point shape file, and outputs a number of new point shape files. All points have to be preserved, with all attributes. Each output file will meet the requirement that no points in the file are closer than 2 buffer radi,

Input files can contain several millions of points, though more likely 100.000.
Buffer radi is 1km, but must be relatively easily adjustable.

We can't pay you any money. But we will credit your for being a superior programmer, as well as our friend.

All contact to:

Best Regards
Martin Hvidberg