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Disconnected editing sync issues

Question asked by aroust on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by aroust

My team has three brand new iPads with Collector installed. They all do the same work – update the sign inventory in the field. We have a basemap permanently installed on their iPads, and when they are ready to go out to work, they download the sign inventory features for disconnected editing. When they come back in at the end of the day, they sync up their data. Afterward, we have them delete the features that they downloaded so that they can start fresh in the morning with a new copy of the data. Two of the iPads see this message when they go to Manage and Remove Map:


Simple remove map message


Those two iPads never have any problems with synchronization. The third iPad, which regularly has synchronization issues, gets this message:


complex remove map options


We thought maybe the third iPad had a different version, so we uninstalled/reinstalled Collector on that iPad. When that didn’t work, we completely stripped that iPad down to factory settings and reformatted it from scratch. Still, it gives this message instead of the one that the other two get. We have that employee choose the “Remove features only” option when he gets that message. This used to work well, but for the last month, I've noticed that the replica is not being removed from the master database when they choose “Remove features only.”


I could live with orphaned replicas that require manual cleanup, but this same iPad keeps throwing this error message when the user syncs his edits:


error message GUID does not exist


And let's just make this a bit more confusing: his edits actually do sync into the associated version and we can reconcile and post with no problem. But Collector thinks that the edits did not go through.


Bottom line is that I need the iPad to reliably sync with no error messages when the user comes back in from the field. I don't know if the orphaned replica has anything to do with our error messages, but I'm at a loss on what to try at this point.