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'Date' field displays in American format only - how to change this?

Question asked by data.officer on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by data.officer

I have a survey with a 'date' field that automatically displays dates in American format (month/day/year). The survey will be used by a large number of volunteer surveyors used to British date formats (day/month/year) so it is crucial this field is always displayed in this way.


As the ArcGIS administrator, I have set the 'Number and date format' to 'Great Britain' but this is seemingly not recognised by Survey123 - apparently this is a well-known bug (see Survey123 default date format). 


Eventually, the survey will be shared with 'Everyone (Public)' so any ArcGIS online settings wouldn't apply to our surveyors anyway. How can we make sure that this field is always displayed in British format whenever our surveyors open the survey using the web form as well as the app? I know that you can use a format-date function to make sure dates are displayed in the correct format in the survey output, but this won't change the way the field appears to the surveyor.


Thank you!