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How come I am no longer able to add "text" in a map note layer in an ArcGIS Online web map? 

Question asked by dnrutah on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by dnrutah

I have done this many times before.  In a web map, I add a new "map notes" layer.  Select "Edit" at the top of the map.   I select the"text" item to add to the map in the map notes legend.  It gives me the "click to add a point" dialogue, I click, it gives me a text window, but there is no opening to type into.  I can add markers or lines, or polygons, but not text!  I have tried the 3 major browsers with the same result.  I have tried a new test web map.  Still the same...  Anyone else having this problem?  I attached a screen shot...  Thanks!