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ArcGIS Online Major Bug with Line Features in September 2018 Update

Question asked by pohlinger on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by ARex-esristaff

This release introduced a major bug that is affecting all of our clients utility system maps. Basically the bug affects all line features in our maps. Our features are hosted features services on ArcGIS , and this same thing is happening on maps on several ArcGIS  accounts.


What is happening is when you zoom in on the map past a certain extent (on my maps it is 1:2257) all line features disappear from the map. They are still in the layer list, but don't show up on the map at all. Then, what is even weirder is if you open the attribute table when you are zoomed in and try to zoom to a line feature, you are zoomed to different location where the linework is completely messed up (check out this video: Sanitary Utility System Map.webm - Google Drive )


I have found that this issue persists in my Web App Builder maps as well as the ArcGIS  map viewer. The problem goes away if I enable editing on the feature in the map, and comes back if I disable editing. So it seems to only affect features where the feature class has editing enabled, but the individual layer has editing disabled in the map.


This need to be fixed ASAP! Our clients utility maps are now unusable because of this.