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The ability to disable or change the appearance of a highlighted selection in web map or web applicaiton

Question asked by on Sep 20, 2018
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We are looking to deploy the My Trash Services Local Government Solution and in the web application that is created it uses the Near Me widget to list all the services at and around a location that is either typed in the search bar or chosen on the map.  Once it zooms to the buffer distance that is set, you can choose any of the services to get more detailed information on the site or service you have chosen.  In doing so, it highlights the feature in the bright cyan color that we all know and love from ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.  Here is an example of one of our trash collection polygons:

Highlited feature in WAB application that is very distracting

I have drawn the polygons so it only includes the parcels that we collect, and I have set the symbology so that the fill and outline of the polygon have no color so it can't be seen.  But when it is selected it is highlighted anyway.  I can set the buffer so it can only be small and just show the address selected, but that limits the drop off sites that are located nearby and only shows the curbside collection services we provide.


I noticed that this also happens in the web map as well, so is there a way I can disable the selection color or change it's appearance so it's not so bright?  I think it's very distracting, especially when zoomed out when you have your buffer set large enough to capture nearby drop-off sites.  And since this solution is intended for the public, I don't think they need to see these polygon boundaries at all.