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What is the most up-to-date World Imagery from ArcGis? Classic or Clarity?

Question asked by maxlebourg on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by maxlebourg

Hello, what is the most up-to-date imagery between the classic World Imagery and World Imagery Clarity? I guess it depends on the geographic area, but generally speaking ?

The classic imagery says is was updated in september 2018, worldwide?

The Clarity Imagery says it might be more accurate, so like the classic did it get an update?

Or even from a local point of view (say a state, a region or a town), is it possible to know when the imagery was taken? I can observe a lot of changes between these two for the same town location (i.e. North of France).


Thanks for any intel - Max



this document lists the contributors, covered areas and year of imagery, and it looks like it has been updated early september. Plus I just read that when the clearest imagery is also the most recent one it is also provided in the classic world imagery. So problem solved I guess: classic must be the most recent in any case, while clarity might not.