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Story map custom html - Adding an active property to a button

Question asked by swinstanley on Sep 21, 2018

Is there a way to call on the 'active' property of a custom html button in story maps? 

For example, the below code allows you to change the properties on hover, and you can also call the 'visited' property to change the appearance of buttons already clicked, but I would like to change the appearance of the button that is currently clicked, or last clicked, however changing the code to .btn-blue:active does not work as expected. Is this just not a supported property or am I missing the right language? 


background-color: #ffffff;
border-color: #ffffff !important;


The goal is to create a kind of poor man's timeline widget that would look something like the attached image, wherein when clicking the decade button the map changes to show those points, and remains highlighted