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Custom URL opening survey based off field in Collector

Question asked by cqholt on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by mbockenhauer-esristaff

Currently operating several surveys that work off Custom URLs, but now I want to take New Collector(Collector Aurora)/Survey123 integration a step further. Is it possible to open create an IF/THEN statement for opening a a survey based off a value in a field of a recently dropped point?

Work Flow:

  1. Open New Collector. Drop point at asset, take picture, and select the Structure_Type.
  2. Submit the point.
  3. Click on newly dropped point, and using a custom URL open a survey to inspection that asset based off the Structure_Type selected.

Custom URL: arcgis-survey123://?itemID=679ad6c080c5402a90276d62144371bc&field:structure_type={Structure_Type}

Want to open surveys, with questions unique to each structure type:

struct_typeDWCBDouble Wing Catch Basin
struct_typeSWCBSingle Wing Catch Basin
struct_typeJBJunction Box
struct_typeHCBHooded Catch Basin
struct_typeCICurb Inlet
struct_typeDIDrop Inlet
struct_typeRLIRaised Lid Inlet
struct_typeEOPEnd of Pipe
struct_typeFESFlared End Section
struct_typeSESSafety End Section