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Embedded Webmap popup problem

Question asked by jamesfreddyc on Sep 20, 2018
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Seeing a strange issue with an embedded webmap on an html page.  The webmap has a search layer configured and the embed url contains a "&feature=" parameter that applies a query, &zoom=true and automatic popup opens.  This correctly works when I paste the url to the webmap (from the full emded code) into a new browser window as seen here:


However, in the page that contains the embedded webmap it will correctly query the search layer, zoom to that feature but the popup is improperly rendered as seen here (it's there, but is not fully displayed correctly):


This only happens intermittently and I cannot determine a cause.  The only error I can see in the console is related to other elements loading on the html page that are unrelated to the webmap: there's a 503 (service unavailable) for favicon.ico on the main domain (  There's also a 400 (bad request) on an angular request for a graph/table control on the page.


Has anyone seen this behavior?