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Three Insights Questions Related to Charting

Question asked by wgrc on Sep 19, 2018

Hello! I am new to Insights, just getting into it.  Like it so far!!!  I have a few questions that I hope others have come across and can help out with!


1. I have a Line Graph displaying time series data, that varies between 712 and 716.  Oddly the y-axis goes from 0 to 716, and I cannot seem to change this. That range makes the line look like just a straight line.  The variance between 712 and 716 is important to the data, but cannot be seen on the line graph.  I see how to toggle beweteen log and linear y-axis ranges, but can I manually set the range?


2. I have a couple scenarios where I want to show two time series on one graph.  (1 is a Line & Line, another is a LIne & Columns).  It appears that to do this, the two variables MUST come from different tables. In each of these scenarios, the two data points i want to graph together are in the same table.  It doesn't seem to allow that?  Is there a way to make this work?  I'd hate to have to store duplicate tables just to get the graph I want?


3. On a line graph, is there any way to shade the portion of the chart below the line?