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How can we monitor live positions by using smart phones and ArcGIS web services?

Question asked by jlunse on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by jlunse

We have an advanced web application in an ERP system called IFS Applications, where we can load map and feature services from ArcGIS. This enables the user to see work orders, assets and a lot more. Once linked to business objects, this is really powerful.


However, our customers often asks about live monitoring by using GPS in a mobile device (Android smart phone and  Iphone). For example, in the same way as my family can monitor each others position by using Google Maps. 


Example: An asset (pump, valve etc.) is broken and back office want to see the location of companies engineers by using those persons smart phones and Iphones. So, we need a map service with a layer showing live position of each mobile device.


Is there any easy out-of-the box solution for this?