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Survey123 ReadOnly of Previously captured data

Question asked by Hikurangi on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by dougbrowning

We have a situation in where we wish to use Survey 123 from a multiple field user perspective BUT with only some of the users with merely read only functionality. i.e. these other users never edit the records only read them. whilst other recorder staff and contractors have full capture and revisit functionality.


The Limiting factor is that these field users work in an environment that does not have internet connectivity (I know doesn't sound right) but trust me in the back of beyond Cell Phones/ Ipads etc are next to useless. Except for capturing and displaying Survey 123 data in an offline sense.


So the work flow would be one person captures remedial works that has to occur with a bunch of notes about what has to be done and even a photo or two, plus of course the location map.


These are Uploaded to ArcGIS Online when back into internet coverage,  These are then available to other readonly etc users to download via their inbox while at home at night in their internet laden palace or place of gathering.  They suck these data down and then can visit the sites the next day using the map and notes to perform the remedial actions as captured.

I don't want them to edit the data, although a check box of a remedial task at that location has been completed would be nice, along with a timestamp and who, although not strictly necessary.

I can get the user to download the data fine but they have as much rights as the person capturing the points in the first place.

Remember this is the day before's captured data,  in an offline sense.

I tried the workflow whereby I made the users part of a readonly group and also tried making a role for these readonly users. But there is either an all or nothing access limitation from what I can make out in Survey123.

I also thought about using a web app, but again offline mode makes it stumble about how to get the data to the user.

These people are not overly internet savy, they just want the info.


All devices have offline tile packs of maps to navigate with.


So what is the trick to make this happen seamlessly, easily and quickly. (2-3 button push easily)


I thought about two apps (Survey123 forms pointing to the same data) one readonly the other  full access, but how do I make two forms and not kill the survey123 publishing tool. and how do I point them to the same dataset?

Any other options people can think of.

BTW, I built a QC tool that requires a "relevant" question answered with specific verbally shared text so there is another layer of supervisory QC editing of the records that is not visible to the main collector. (It almost works like a password for specific access to additional columns in the surveys...)



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