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Story Map Series scroll to entry

Question asked by david.treering on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by Cook_County_GIS

I have customized the Story Map Series according to the source.  I have 18 entries in my map series, and the accordian panel does not scroll to the entry with the base code. I added these two lines to  scroll to the entry, but it is not quite working completely.

//with the accordion theme, if there are more entries 
//than fit on a single screen, this scrolls to the active entry
var entries = document.getElementsByClassName('entry');

On a click on the feature (i.e. entry index >13), the panel does scroll to make the entry visible, but not at the top. On a second click on the feature, the panel scrolls to have that entry at the top. Putting scrollIntoView in there twice does not help. Here is a video clip.