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How to make a hosted scene layer draw at all scales

Question asked by gardta on Sep 19, 2018

I am having issues getting a hosted scene layer to draw at necessary scales in a local web scene on Portal. The hosted scene layer (multipatch) was uploaded to my Portal site from a scene layer package created in ArcPro 2.2.2. I do not see any scaling options for the layer in the scene, hosted layer, or in the server manager settings. Maybe I am missing something. Is there a way I can adjust the extent at which the layer draws? The multipatch draws at all scales in the ArcPro project it was shared from. The layer shows up very patchy in the web scene (and application using it) at small scales but then renders correctly at large scales. I have tried adjusting the 3D graphic settings in the web scene, and it seems to have little effect. 



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