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screening widget -  ability to repeat at least one field

Question asked by kmsagis Champion on Sep 18, 2018

So I was going to use this for my property layer to generate reports. It's awesome, basically perfect.  A really, really outstanding widget, and the code and comments are phenomenal, as with the WAB in general.


One thing - if it runs out of space horizontally because there are many fields, like say 20 fields.... it then does the second half of the fields vertically below the last record, but with the next group of fields for the records all over again.  


We have a unique id "parcel ID number" field.  I'd like to be able to repeat that.  I do see that it has a # on the left to see what row is which but this would be more understood by our end users.  In fact I didn't notice this for a second.


My proposal would be for allowing programmers to pick a row to repeat to function as the 'identifying' field and column. And, even BETTER would be to let the end users select this. But of course, let the programmers determine a default column to repeat.  




I tried to repeat some fields in the config.json, like repeating "PIN" a few times... but it only seemed to show up once, the first time (it was the first field listed so I just repeated it half-way down the fields as a test). So unfortunately that idea of hard-coding it didn't seem to work.