Work life balance and parenthood

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WeCan hosts lunchtime Lean In discussions here at Esri every few weeks, each with a specific topic.  The topic of a session about a month ago was working motherhood.  We touched on all sorts of issues, from self-care to work life balance to the role that women often disproportionately play in caregiving more generally and the impact of more supportive programs that would be more inclusive. We talked about the importance of parental leave and some of the issues both internally and more broadly.


You can check out of the resources that we used to facilitate discussion here:

Don’t Leave Before You Leave – Sheryl Sandberg

Children Benefit from Having a Working Mom - Harvard Business School Article

The American Case for Paid Maternity Leave  - Jessica Shortall

Can we 'have it all'? - Ann-Marie Slaughter


One of the discussion topics was about the role that we can play in creating an environment here at Esri where we not only tolerate but actually encourage a healthy work life balance for ALL people (not just parents, but everyone). This also relates to the importance of encouraging fathers to take full advantage of their parental leave. People who are living a balanced life and whose time spent taking care of themselves and their families is respected and valued are also better employees. Let’s use this as our action item. If each of us intentionally sets out to create a workspace where self-care and work life balance are encouraged for everyone, we can really make an impact. Perhaps we bring it up with a colleague, or if we’re comfortable, maybe we even bring it up in a team meeting. Let’s talk about it, and let’s lead by example.