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How do I change the font when converting labels to annotations using Defense Mapping - Create Rapid Graphic?

Question asked by mathr_sdfe on Sep 19, 2018
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I am trying to change annotation fonts in MRG maps, since the default Zurich Cn BT font does not support several characters in my map (the unsupported characters are displayed as a square). The annotation font I am trying to change to is Arial.

I can manually edit each annotation font to Arial after running Create Rapid Graphic, but this is not desired since there are lots of annotations with special characters in each MRG. The desired solution is to change the font in the setup so that the annotations have Arial as font when the MRGs are created.


The following is what I have tried to change in the setup:

I changed the featurelabels font, the features which the annotations are converted from, in the Map Document Template used in the Create Rapid Graphic Tool.

When I make an MRG on the modified mxd the visual representation of the annotations haven't changed (special characters are still displayed as squares), but I can see in the attribute table that the font name has changed to Arial, see attached Annotation1.png. (The featurelabels, however, have kept the Arial font and are displaying the special characters correctly.)

If I try to edit the annotation featureclass I can see that the font haven't changed from Zurich Cn BT, which explains why the annotations still display special characters as Squares, see attached Annotation2.png.

I have tried to look into the .py file called by the Create Rapid Graphic Tool, to see what happens when the annotations are created, but that lead nowhere.


So how can I change the font when converting labels to annotations when using the Create Rapid Graphic Tool?


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