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Copying XML files in ArcCatalog generates additional tag

Question asked by Zuffi@12 on Sep 19, 2018
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When I move a XML-File (either by drag-and-drop or right-click --> copy) from one folder (just a normal folder, not a geodatabase) to another folder within the ArcCatalog-window in ArcMap, an additonal element is generated at the end of the XML-File, which looks like the following:




<Esri><DataProperties><itemProps><itemLocation><linkage Sync="TRUE">file:XYZ</linkage><protocol Sync="TRUE">Local Area Network</protocol></itemLocation></itemProps><copyHistory><copy source="XYZ" dest="XYZ" date="20170905" time="14092400"></copy></copyHistory></DataProperties></Esri></Import_Export>


When using the "copy"-tool (Data management) from the ArcGIS Toolbox, it doesn't generate this tag at the end of the document. However, using the copy-tool seems to be troublesome if you need to handle a lot of files on a daily basis.


Did anyone had similar experience or even found a solution to that problem?


I work with ArcGIS Desktop 10.2.2.