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Location-Allocation over a large geographic area and demand

Question asked by AndrewESRI2016 on Sep 19, 2018



I am a fairly new user to ArcGIS.
I want to determine the 10 best locations (from around 200 locations) within a large geographic area (the state) to maximise coverage. I don't want the locations picked to be grouped but rather be spread out over the entire geographical area if possible.

I have a demand layer with many points (over 500,000 points) and am thinking the location-allocation tool (with the maximise coverage option) would be the best way to go about the station allocation. However the problem is we are using ArcGIS Online to run the tool and the amount of credits consumed by the connections (0.5 per connection) would exceed what we have.


Would there be a way to 'simplify'or 'cluster' the point layer so that all points within a certain geographic area are represented by one point? This would allow me to run the tool with the impedance limit.


Much appreciated!