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Discussion created by yoavabadi4 on Sep 18, 2018

Hey There!

I've recently created a project for the Esri community, that allows the users to utilize some tools in the  Advanced (ArcInfo) license, with only a Basic ArcMap license. I've asked if that's cool legally, and apparently it is.

This project is suppose to be to the community, by the community  -  Anyone can download and use it.

For now, those are the tools in the toolbox:

Project Info Toolbox

I would LOVE your help!

If you know someone that can benefit from those tools, please go ahead and tell them about it!

If you need some advance tool, let me know so I can work on it!

If you want to contribute to this project, with pull requests or to become a full privileged contributor, please do!

Here's the link to the project another time:


The project is temporarily in my github account - if others will join in, I'll be moving it to it's own account.

Hope you'll like it, use it, and help out!